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Written by Elaine Edstrom

Mary and Paul are headed for a River Oaks society wedding until questions arise as to Mary's true identity. Perfect chance for friend/rival Daphne to slide in. Society will never accept poor Mary and Sneed and Minnie are counting on that!


Who will rescue poor Mary? Will it be Billy Bob? Sairy Ann? And who is tied to the railroad tracks?!!! 


Popcorn throwing,booing at the Villain, hooraying for the Hero and ahhhhhing for the Heroine are all encouraged!



3M, 5F

Royalties for Non-Professional Theatres

Small Theatre (under 200 seats)   $60 First Performance, $55 Additional

Medium Theatre (200 - 500 seats)   $65 First Performance, $60 Additional

Large Theatre (500+ seats)   $70 First Performance, $65 Additional


Professional Theatrical licensing will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Another extra fun Melerdrammer for your audience to love. Nothing packs 'em in more.

Great Stage is happy to work with you and the authors to accomodate your production needs. Contact us with any questions. Click HERE

Sample pages from the script are available for you to view or download. Click HERE

A FULL PERUSAL script is available for a $10 fee which is credited toward royalties when a production License Agreement is completed. Go to the PAYMENT page.

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