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A B O U T  G R E A T  S T A G E

Great Stage Publishing is founded by Ann and Arnold Richie who have been in the theater world for over 30 years. As founders of UpStage Theatre in Houston, Texas, USA they have produced a wide variety of shows. As Artistic Directors, Directors, Stage Managers, Set Designers, Actors, Technical Design and Operators and Crew they have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to produce a successful show.

Many of the scripts that you will find available here were written by Ann and Arnold Richie and most have already had successfully productions. We are confident that you will find these scripts to be "a cut above" in entertainment.

It is our hope that we will find many wonderful authors to add to our list and bring their works to you. Please check back often to see what is available and be sure to add your name to our mailing list, so that we can inform you of new works for your stage. BREAK A LEG!

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