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King of Hearts


Book, Music and Lyrics by Michael L. Ricciardi and John D. Nugent

Song Samples

Optimistic Thinking

Tell Me


Beautiful Evil

From the magnificent pen of Hans Christian Andersen comes the amazing story of a beloved queen who is one of the most beloved monarchs of all time. She and her husband the King have nine wonderful children. But without warning, the good Queen dies of a very sudden and fatal illness leaving the lonely widowed king alone to raise his eight challenging children alone. The lonely king remarries quickly in order to secure an alliance with a greedy ling in the adjoining kingdom who will surely declare war against King Phillip's domain without it.


The rival king's daughter is secretly a wicked sorceress named Mercy who hates children and plots to do away with the young eight as soon as possible. Queen Mercy makes good on her threats when she devises a spell that will turn the eight boys and one girl into wild swans. A faithful servant by the name of Mallory thwarts her plan first by diverting the King's young daughter and then forces the evil Queen to alter the spell or he will kill her, himself.


The Queen has no choice and the Wild Swans return to being men every night and are granted a chance to break the spell if a true act of love is performed by the young daughter. In the mean time we learn of a great wizard who is being held captive by the same evil Queen, drawing her power from his. Years later, the young girl learns how to "Surrender In Love" and finds the act of love that will free her beloved brothers from this most evil spell. A surprise visitor upsets the entire equation and good finally has a chance to truly win over evil!

Flexible Chorus

12M, 3F

Royalties for Non-Professional Theatres

Small Theatre (under 200 seats)   $65 First Performance, $55 Additional

Medium Theatre (200 - 500 seats)   $75 First Performance, $65 Additional

Large Theatre (500+ seats)   $85 First Performance, $75 Additional


Professional Theatrical licensing will be negotiated on a case by case basis.


Finding The Answer

Precious Child

Surrender In Love

Fly As We Do

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Piano/Vocal score is included. Many promotional items are available.

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