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Written by Mike Willis

Jack, a sixty-eight year old writer who lost his wife to cancer is devastated and bitter. He seeks refuge from the rest of the world by retreating to the old family cabin. His only surviving family mambers are his daughter Kate and her two children, thirteen year old Johnathon and nine year old Sarah. Kate has not seen her father since shortly after her mother's death almost eight years before. Johnathon has only a vague recollection of his grandfather and Sarah has no memories of him at all, but carries with her a picture of her grandfather holding her when she was only a few months old. When Kate arrives at her father's cabin on the afternoon of Christmas Eve Day and asks him if Johnathon and Sarah can stay with him for a few days, Jack is reluctant but finally agrees. Through Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day, Jack and the children struggle to discover each other and to everyone's surprise, realize that they have received an unexpected Christmas gift - the gift of family - the most precious gift of all.


2M, 2F

Royalties for Non-Professional Theatres

Small Theatre (under 200 seats)   $55 First Performance, $45 Additional

Medium Theatre (200 - 500 seats)   $60 First Performance, $50 Additional

Large Theatre (500+ seats)   $65 First Performance, $55 Additional


Professional Theatrical licensing will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

A wonderful holiday show that is small cast and easy to produce.

Great Stage is happy to work with you and the authors to accomodate your production needs. Contact us with any questions. Click HERE

Sample pages from the script are available for you to view or download. Click HERE

A FULL PERUSAL script is available for a $10 fee which is credited toward royalties when a production License Agreement is completed. Go to the PAYMENT page.

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