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by Michael L. Ricciardi and John D. Nugent

Twenty-five year old virgin, Andy Malone has been living with his saintly Irish mother all his life. She has a lot of money in the bank and a Rembrandt under the bed, but Andy is her prize. Her other two sons are losers. When Mom suddenly passes away without a will, Andy decideds not to tell anyone. They never cared anyway! So - into the deep, dark Amana Freezer she goes with the legs of lamb and the Irish vegetables on top of her. But what to do about all those church members and their food baskets, and their questions?! 


A phoney funeral might do the trick. Meanwhile, Mom still has something to say about it all - in ghostly fashion.


This fun farce is a sure audience pleaser.


5M, 3F, 1M bit part

Royalties for Non-Professional Theatres

Small Theatre (under 200 seats)   $60 First Performance, $50 Additional

Medium Theatre (200 - 500 seats)   $65 First Performance, $55 Additional

Large Theatre (500+ seats)   $75 First Performance, $65 Additional


Professional Theatrical licensing will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

The use of the ASCAP Member Logo indicates that Michael L. Ricciardi and John D. Nugent are ASCAP members in good standing, and does not imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that ASCAP has approved of, sponsored, endorsed, or is otherwise responsible for these materials.

A "ghostly" treat that will surely be an audience pleaser.

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Sample pages from the script are available for you to view or download. Click HERE

A FULL PERUSAL script is available for a $10 fee which is credited toward royalties when a production License Agreement is completed. Go to the PAYMENT page.

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