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Book, Music and Lyrics by Michael L. Ricciardi and John D. Nugent

A group of cloistered Dominican nuns live in a convent that sits on the world's richest oil deposit lands, and they have just received an eviction order from their very greedy and a little "devlish" cardinal. The sisters pray to their patron saint Michael, the Archangel for a very special miracle to save their convent and Saint Michael appears to call upon God for "A Very Special Miracle" joined by his cohort, Gabriel. Miracle of miracles - winning lottery tickets fall from the heavens above. The two angels are to deliver the tickets to the nuns with the condition that these beloved sisters buy an aboandoned Broadway theatre. That causes Gabriel to doubt and Michael is not far behind. God punishes them by turning them to mortals.


Now the two ex-angels must convince the nuns with ordinary human means that their collective troubles are over, which lands the two in jail. They meet the devil himself who rejoices that the angels have no powers and that he can finnaly have his well-plotted revenge.


The nuns move to New York but soon learn that in order to stay in a landmark Broadway theatre, they must put on at least one show. 

14M, 6F

Royalties for Non-Professional Theatres

Small Theatre (under 200 seats)   $65 First Performance, $55 Additional

Medium Theatre (200 - 500 seats)   $75 First Performance, $65 Additional

Large Theatre (500+ seats)   $85 First Performance, $75 Additional


Professional Theatrical licensing will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Song Samples

Praying Our Little Beads Off

We're Not As Dumb As They Say We Look

Tell 'em a Whopper, Tell 'em a Lie

What Is Put Together

Pave the Way

I'm Gonna Pray



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